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The committee has pleasure in bringing to your attention details of two new interest groups and notice of repeats of two old ones.

At this stage we are interested in who would be interested in joining any of these groups for if there is not enough interest they will not take place.

Read about these courses and if you are interested make the appropriate contact where your interest will be recorded. Please note this is an advance warning only and details on venue, frequency and other aspects will wait until numbers are known.

Click here for New Interest Group Notice - Traveller's Tales

Click here for New Interest Group Notice - Ancient Roman History

Click here for New Interest Group Notice - British History Part 1

Click here for New Interest Group Notice - Ancient Greek History


Many of you will have been have been inundated with e-mails and letters from companies telling you all about GDPR – or as its better known the new law on data protection. We at BNB U3A have also fallen into the machine of new law changes and need to let you know how we deal with your personal data (addresses, telephone Nos, e-mails etc.) to conform to this new law. Some of the committee members have been on the requisite courses and have brought back sheaves of regulations, interpretations, examples and instructions and with a diligence, that only I can wonder at, have reduced the documents down into something that suits our little organisation.

Rather than send you all a copy we are putting our policy and details of its operation on the web for those of you with a masochistic streak to read and ‘enjoy’. Despite this somewhat light-hearted comment it is crucial and important for you to understand that we are conforming to the law and looking after your interests.

If you have any concerns or wish to know more then read the document or get in touch with either Paul Davis or Rita Ison-Jacques (our resident experts) who can give you more information on this subject.

The data supplied to group leaders under the ICE procedure (In Case of Emergency) is also changing and the group leaders will be informed directly about those new requirements.


The committee is re-examining its internal procedures and one of the first issues concerns requests for funding from interest groups. All interest groups have the right to request funding in support of their declared activities from the committee. To ensure that this is carried out in a fair and reasonable way it is introducing a procedure for a group to request money for an associated activity. On the web you will now find an application form and a set of notes to help you apply for this money.

Read these notes and if your group could do with some equipment or financial support, get your group to agree it, and your group leader to fill out a form and apply. Or contact anyone on the committee who will help you with this process.


We need someone with artistic skills to give us some ideas on new graphics for our website.  If you or your children or possibly even your grandchildren have such skills please contact for a chat.


Latest Bridge scores are now on the A - M under Bridge Interest Group (Click Here).

Social Events are now on the Social Events page (Click Here).

ALL meetings are now on the Meetings page (Click Here).


We have been contacted by a volunteer organisation that provides transport for those who have some difficulty getting around and would be ideal for those of you who have trouble getting to your favourite Interest Group at the U3A. However they do not provide a service for individuals just for groups (they have to fill up their mini-bus)

They have spoken to us and I am putting details of their services on our web-site for group interested. They may be coming to the next monthly meeting to tell us all about their service but in the meantime if you want to take advantage of their offer their details are as follows:


Telephone: 024 7631 5151



The month of May saw the completion of the first Greek History trip to Greece and the Peloponnese. This trip was a part of the Ancient Greek History series of talks (an Interest Group of the BNB U3A) that has just been completed. The group was able to supplement these talks with some of the group participating in a study tour of some of the major Greek monuments that have played a part in our talks and Greek history.

If you wish to read about the whole trip and see some of the pictures taken then click here.

A second Greek tour is planned for mid-September with a slightly different itinerary: Delphi, Mycenae, Tiryns, Epidauros, and finally a whole day in Athens.

The sites have been picked and the notes prepared and all we have to do is wait for the weather to cool down in Greece.  You see Greek History is not all dry Greek stuff that no one understands – it can be fun Greek stuff that no one understands.

Grave Circle A at Mycenae