How are your IT skills?

  • Would you like to use your computer/smartphone/tablet to communicate more effectively with your friends, family and other U3A members, both during and after the lockdown?
  • Are you in one of the U3A special interest groups such as family history, and want to know how to use your computer for research?
  • Would you like to use your computer for shopping but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you worried about computer security and do you want to learn about how to do online shopping/banking safely?
  • Have you got a new Smart Phone but you don’t know what it does beyond making phone calls and texts?
  • Do you want to know how to edit and organise all the photos you have on your phone?

The BNB U3A IT Improvement committee of members were tasked with planning an IT training programme for those who would like to be involved. We have a number of volunteers who are proficient in IT skills and we want to share our skills with those who need it. Because of the current lockdown restrictions, we are not able to have face-to-face sessions at present, so we have devised some other ways of helping you:

A.      Website links to technology guides on a large number of topics, that you can browse and learn at your own pace – see the table below showing all the topics available.

B.      Sign up to a series of emails that will guide you through some technology guides in a structured way – Sign up below if you would like some guidance to find your way around the 400+ Technology Guides

C.      Face-to-face sessions via video meetings – you are invited to join the BNB U3A Computer and Technology Group regular meetings on Tuesdays where people are on hand to give you guidance on any IT-related topic. This group is currently transitioning from video meetings to meeting directly – raise a Support Ticket to get more details

D.      Web-based/phone support desk for individual support – click here to go to the Help Desk

Digital Unite is a company that has been providing IT training for a number of years, especially to people of the ‘Third Age’, and we now have permission to link to their training material to provide technology guides for our U3A members. See below for more details…..

Click on the pictures below to go to the Technology Guides on that topic…..

Computer Basics

Email and Skype

Email & Skype

Creating Documents

Creating Documents

Digital Photography

Using The Internet

Using the Internet

Smart Phones and Tablets

Blogs and Social Media

Hobbies and Interests

Internet Security

Online Banking And Shopping

Music and Audio

TV and Video

TV & Audio

Would you like some training guidance?

We have access to over 400 Technology Guides about all kinds of subjects, and you are free to browse them as you like, BUT  it might be a bit confusing to try and find your way around them, relying only on the Category classifications.

If you would like some help with a structured series of training notes that take you from the basics to more advanced topics, complete the form below. We will then enrol you on a series of 10 email messages that contain guidance on a series of topics, with links to these guides as appropriate for the topic.

Sign up NOW – It’s FREE – to be included in our IT Training Programme.

Need some additional help regarding your IT device? Go to our IT Help Desk

Technology Guides used with
permission from Digital Unite